What is a limited edition print?

ST PANCRAS EDITIONS works closely with leading contemporary artists to commission limited edition prints from either a new or existing artwork. A print or sculpture is produced in a limited number from this original artwork under the direct supervision of the artist. Prints will be hand-signed by the artist, and sculptural editions will be accompanied by a signed certificate-of-authenticity. The number of prints is always strictly limited to the number in the edition and a small number of Arists Proofs (APs).  No further prints are ever produced.

What is a silkscreen print?

 Silkscreen prints are a world away from digital, giclee, or poster prints, which are computer generated and mass produced.  Silkscreen editions are hand-printed using separate screens for each colour, sometimes with further hand-applied detailing, and are signed by the artist and limited to a total number printed that is never exceeded.  Silkscreen editions are highly collectable and are viewed as original works of art. 

Does the price change?

The price changes according to availability.  As an edition sells, and the availability is therefore less, the price increases.  Once an edition sells out, the price usually increases again as the availability becomes even rarer with it only available if it changes from its original hands. 

Is movement of the artwork within the frame normal?

Silkscreen editions are printed on fine quality paper and use specialist fine art inks.  A print of many colours therefore carries more weight than a digitally produced poster or giclee, and even more so if it has extra detailing such as foil blocking.  Gravity can therefore sometimes play a part when a silkscreen print is upright in its frame.  This slight movement to the print is entirely normal and is characteristic of its handmade nature. 

How do I care for my print?

Unframed silkscreen prints should never be handled by anyone other than a professional and should always be stored flat and away from sources of heat, light, and damp.  Similarly when a print is framed it should never be hung in steamy conditions such as a kitchen or bathroom, nor in direct sunlight or areas known to be vulnerable to damp or heat.