St Pancras Editions

“Vintage Vogue”

Mark Vessey, 2013

Vintage Vogue (Mark Vessey)

This image is a photographic exploration of pop culture, examining the compulsion to collect. It’s so easy, but so highly addictive. One item seems to cry out for company but once that solitary object is joined by another - well, you're on the way to having a collection.

“I stumbled across some copies of Vogue from the 80’s when I was browsing in a charity shop” says Mark. “As soon as I saw the dated font it took me right back to when I was little and my Mum flicking through fashion magazines. I love the 80’s – the flamboyance, the outrageousness, the happy memories. I get nostalgic when I look at this, it sums up the ephemeral nature of fashion and the swift passing of time, but at the same time makes me happy to think that I’m an 80’s child” - Mark Vessey

  • Edition of: 25 (medium) 10 (large) 3 (extra-large)
  • Fujicolour Archive Crystal Print
  • 62 x 75 cm (medium) / 96 x 120 cm (large) / 110 x 140 cm (extra-large)
  • Printed by The Vault, Brighton
  • With certificate of authenticity in
    St Pancras Editions folio
  • Signed and dated in pen on the reverse by the artist

The Artist:

Mark Vessey

Contact us on (0)207 535 2255 or email for details.

Framing option

Our recommended deep black stained frame with slightly thin face is in a soft-matte ebony to provide a bold yet sleek look to compliment the work.
  • Tulip wood frame ebony stained with matt lacquer topcoat
  • 12 x 40 / 19 x 45 / 25 x 50 (mm face x mm depth, medium / large / extra- large)
  • Mounted on Heritage White Conservation board
  • Glazed in glass (medium & large) with strap hangers, perspex (extra-large)